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Posted by Pride of Africa on 02-04-2020 20:31
On 30th March 2020, KEPSA launched a campaign dubbed “Flowers of Hope” under its Economic Framework for COVID-19 response.
The campaign is informed by the realities brought forth by how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting world economies. Businesses in Kenya, particularly the cut-flower industry is confronting the harsh reality of the virus, which puts in peril one of Kenya's most successful and internationally acclaimed sector.

To support this sector Kenyan flowers are used as a uniting symbol of the community of solidarity and compassion emerging in Kenya and indeed the world as a response to the Covid-19 showing gratitude and support to the people at the frontline of or suffering from the pandemic, which will also help in saving thousands of farm jobs.

Pride of Africa supports this campaign by donating roses.
Posted by Pride of Africa on 20-03-2020 19:00
🐰 E A S T E R 🐰
It is almost Easter again! We have the ideal rose varieties for you:

- Athena
- Patz
- Jackpot

These rose varieties can be ordered through the webshop!

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Posted by Pride of Africa on 11-03-2020 20:37
Waste water from the nursery is purifeid by the wetlands. Wetlands are large ponds surrounded by water plants and reeds with a purifying effect. The waste water from the nursery flows from one wetland into another. Vertifer grass was planted in and around the channels in front of the rain water drainpipe. Vertiver grass has the special effect of water purification; it also counters deforestation and soil erosion, improving the fertility of the soil.
Posted by Pride of Africa on 12-02-2020 19:00
This is Jackline Wangwe. She explains how important FairTrade is. Not only for Pride of Africa but also for herself!

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Posted by Pride of Africa on 08-02-2020 18:52
The day of love has almost arrived. We're busy preparing the roses for Valentine's Day.
Posted by Pride of Africa on 28-11-2019 18:48
This is Evans, he is processing our Rainbow mix. Rainbow mix is available by special order only. Available in lenghts 40 and 60 in different colours.
Posted by Pride of Africa on 17-10-2019 19:43
TIMES SQUARE | Our latest addition to our product range. Times Square is an intermediate rose with soft pink petals with a hint of green on the outside. Times Square has a good vaselife and is available in length 35, 40, 50 and 60.
Posted by Pride of Africa on 16-07-2019 20:46
BOOGY | One of our latest additions to our product range. Boogy is an intermediate rose with a bright pink colour, with less thorns. Boogy has a good vaselife.
Interplant Roses B.V.
Posted by Pride of Africa on 11-06-2019 19:25
This is Janet, she is processing our 'Patz' roses.
Patz is a bright orange rose with a medium-large flower head. 🌹
Posted by Pride of Africa on 06-05-2019 19:18
At our nursery we have a clinic where the employees and their families can be examined and treated. We have our own pharmacy. If they need further exams or treatment, employees are referred to the hospital.